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Thread: Markus Wheaton - Outlook and expectations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Tripling your income? Please... Try multiplying your current income 21x. That's the increase he got from his rookie contract to the one he signed with the dolphins. So Mr. Holier Than Thou... If you astronomically out-produced what you are currently making, while being in line for a raise, and your company just said "F*ck you" to you and overpaid one of your coworkers that has never come remotely close to sniffing your production, just to spite you, and you knew that by sticking it out with this company for one more year, knowing you wont be coming back, you would get your dream job, close to home, while getting a 21x pay increase (holy run-on sentence Batman)... you're saying that you would give 100 percent effort for the company you're currently working for 100 percent of the time (keeping in mind all I just said, while also keeping in mind that giving 100% effort 100% of the time increases your risk of not getting said dream job with said raise).


    Miami was 7-9 last season (one game worse than the Steelers) and they are now fielding a much better team with the acquisitions of Wallace, Gibson, Ellerbe, Wheeler, the draft etc... Couple that with an improved, more experienced Tannehill (who can throw a nice deep ball), and Miami is looking like a team that'll be in contention for a wildcard spot. People really underestimate what a player like Wallace can do for an offense. Just being on the field is an immediate advantage. You cannot put less than 2 defenders on him and that opens the offense up for everyone else.*

    So a player "quits" (AKA not giving 100 percent effort all the time) because the team didn't repay his efforts through his rookie contract (he was always a hard worker before the contract), and he's the devil... But when the Steelers and the "Steeler Way" quit on a player and do to him worse than Wallace did to the organization (Not abiding by their contract (which is the "Steeler Way") and giving a "pay cut or be cut" ultimatum, while ultimately cutting the player) it's the player (James Harrison) that's in the wrong cause he should've done the "Steeler Way" and taken less money. There's this false sense of loyalty that a lot of fans think the players owe the organization when it comes to things like the Wallace situation. Then the organization turns around and pulls the James Harrison situation and shows exactly why is a "false sense of loyalty"...

    What are you reading? Wallace has gotten MUCH more hate and bashing that he didn't deserve than he's gotten "man-love"... He isn't a top 5 receiver in Steelers history? Way to go out in a limb with a statement like that about a 3-year starter. I guarantee you that if he would've gotten a contract extension here Wallace would've rewritten the record books for a Steelers WR.*
    Can your read? The comment about doubling or tripling an income was posted above mine. This selfish prick quit on his team and I have no respect for that. Just another in a long line of Steeler cast-offs that will soon be a forgotten commodity that took the money and ran. He got what he wanted, good for him. I will respect and cheer for the Steeler players that want to be here.

    By the way, the last time the Dolphins won anything of importance a guy by the name Griese was QB and Nixon/Ford were in the White House.

    Whatever happened to Thigpen, Washington, Holmes, etc? The F.O. was smart enough to know this was not a player they wanted around long term. Team chemistry my friend. How many Super Bowl rings do T.O. and Chad Johnson have combined? Probably less than Hines. The Steelers are team first and this me, me, me, greedy attitude such as Wallace emitted does not fare well with them. Even Randel El and Foote were smart enough to come back.

    All anyone can quote are the TDs. Anyone think the third down catch over the middle to keep the drive alive (that yields a TD) is not important? How about blocking down field? How about a good set of hands and running sharp, crisp routes? Wallace excelled in none of these areas and in the words of Mike Tomlin (who may just know a little more than you): "One Trick Pony."

    No matter a raise or not my friend, I do my job, bust my ***, and don't quit on my fellow workers or my company. END OF ****ING STORY!!!!!!!!!!
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