While i would have preferred to get bigger at WR, they addressed a need with an excellent value pick. Hes going to be twice the player Patton will be so he was the right selection. His ability to run slants and take them to the house maxed with his ability to stretch the field, get separation from defenders using his hands at the line and crisp route running reminds me of Santonio Holmes. Wheaton, like holmes is very fast but not really a "deep threat" like nate washington was and like wallace is. Hes quite strong for a player his size, he wont have trouble with the jam quite as much as brown and sanders. His best quality is how feisty he is and his ability to play physical and fight for the ball. Remember Ward matching up with guys like Finnegan, Woodson, Harris, and those guys that jam you at the line...i cant wait to see Wheaton use his physicality at the line and his speed and route running to separate and get down the field. Again, he is a player to be excited about and he is a much better player in the 3rd round than Sanders or Willie Reid was. After further review, I completely see what the steelers see in him, he will very likely work the slot as a rookie but hes not a slot WR, hes got some serious outside potential.

Stat prediction

40 catches, 700 yards, 5 TDs

This stat is thinking they do what they did with wallace and holmes as young players...they get the ball down field to them, not necessarily down the sideline, but down the middle of the field which gave both holmes and wallace YPC average over 20 yards which lead the league both times....17-18 yards per catch is not out of the question for Wheaton....hopefully he can unseat cotchery as the #3 sooner rather than later. Hes not Mike Wallace, a lot of people are making that comparison (and did at the combine as well) but hes significantly better as a prospect than both wallace and brown were (neither were exactly world beaters in college). Im really excited