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    Draft grades in

    I think a B+ is a fair grade. We know it's mostly just guessing at this point, but that's about where I have them. The first 4 picks were solid, not quite sold on the QB or the other picks in the later rounds, although I do like the Justin Brown pick.

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    CBS Sports also gave the Steelers a B+.

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    Draft grades in

    The key is keeping these kids healthy!

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    Draft grades on the 2013 draft the day after it's done is stupid. Talk to me again in 3-4 years and we'll see.

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    you've got a point.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Why would you care what anyone has to say as far a a grade in consired: We will not know until three years from now how this draft graded out.

    Some of the prople give these grade are the same people that said:
    T. Couch, A. Smith, R Leaf, J Russell would be top QB, and T. Brandy, R Wilson were not worth a 1st round grade
    B Thomas, C Einas, T. Wodley, would be stars, while W. Parker, A. Foster and other go undrafted

    I could go on with player from all positions, but the point is: These "expert" miss as much as any of us:

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    Sporting News gave Pgh an A+, one of only 3 teams with such a grade. I find them to be more knowledgeable than most media sources. A good grade right after the draft doesn't prove anything, but it's better news than getting a D, which some teams did. If these guys stay healthy, I think it's safe to say they got at least 4 solid players who will contribute within 2 years, and possibly 6, on the high side. That is a stellar draft, much better than the last 5 years on average. The other thing is, with the team getting old in so many spots, now there are holes to fill so more draft picks will play. 5 years ago, you weren't going to sit Polamalu, Clark, Harrison, Hampton, Farrior, Smith, Mendenhall (I would have), Ward, et al. Now we have an near immediate need for a JJ, Bell, Thomas, Wheaton, Brown and - after Ben gets hurt like he always does - Landry Jones.

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