While i wasnt a fan of the Bell pick, Im a fan of addressing the position. I dont hate it nearly as much as i hated Worilds when we picked him, but my problem with Bell is some of the backs they passed on and reached a bit in the second round. That being said ive been a long time hater of Isaac Redman, like since the day he stepped onto the field and the insane fan support he got for being that rah rah smashsmout steeler football RB has long since died down and really almost disappeared entirely. I was hoping dwyer would turn into a player that around now another team would covet as their starter a la Michael Turner but it hasnt quite fell that way.

I do think that the potential it there despite the miles on him. He does not run like 230+ pounds, he runs like hes 200 pounds but he does have better ability to turn it up field than most 230 pounders and DEFINITELY better than redman (no explosion) and Dwyer (faster than redman, better vision than redman, but no stamina). If they do truly move to a zone scheme Bell is going to have to learn how to be patient and let the play develop but the fact that he doesnt play to his size might work in his favor in that kind of scheme because he is quite tall and since he doesnt look for contact his ability to read the zone and let it develop may be pretty good right out of the gates. Everyone always knocks mendenhall for being soft, Bell is the same kind of runner, which isnt really soft, its just not as violent as 80% of the fan base wants because they live in the past. Hopefully he turns into a better player than I think he will....Bell thinks hes like Arian Foster, Steven Jackson had kind words for him, if we get ANYTHING close to that kind of level he will be one hell of a steal, just dont set your sights too high, especially with Redman and Dwyer still on the roster.

Season predictions

12 starts, 800 yards, 7 TDs (all WAY more than redman has ever, or will ever have)