In taking Jarvis Jones the steelers selected the best player available, and to most a top 5 player in the draft, and to me the #1 overall player in this draft. It was bitter sweet as I did have my heart set on Patterson, but Jarvis Jones was probably the best pick there and they didnt hesitate in taking him. 4 months ago this was thought to be a real long shot, but it had been gaining steam over the last few weeks. When Colbert said they were thrilled with Jones running a 4.85 and 4.9...they should have been, i know i was. He is a really good football player, even if hes less than spectacular in shorts he really turns it on come game day.

Jones as a rookie likely wont start many if any games at all, but i do expect him to push worilds and push him hard. If he can be productive in limited roles like woodley was his rookie year we could see a real nightmare of a pass rush return. Ive compared him to Von Miller, and i stick by that. He doesnt share that same first step as von miller, and i wouldnt want him playing the same position Von plays (43 OLB, but rushes quite a bit) but as a 34 OLB hes a guy that can and will chase down the QB. With harrison cut i expect him to make us forget about him. Not as strong as harrison but hes faster, more explosive, and offers a much wider range of pass rushing moves. I think worilds has a chance to be a decent rotational pass rusher, but hes going to be so much better now that hes being given a real chance for the first time and he has a first round pick breathing down his neck.

Prediction for Jones as a rookie:

0 starts, 7 sacks, 1 FF

They got a steal, its up to jones how much he plays. If he comes into camp as an unblockable monster he has a real shot to unseat Worilds, but as much as i hate worilds i dont think worilds just lets that happen, and i hope he wont because he shouldnt. Jones isnt great in coverage, but has decent enough range and will now be playing in a system that is brilliant at masking a OLBs lack of coverage skills. We didnt bring him in to cover people though, hes gonna be chasing down QBs. Be excited about this one.