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agree the turn overs put the team in the hole but we saw the team respond like champions in Super Bowl XLIII and I use that Super Bowl as an example since it was mostly the same team in place for Super Bowl XLV (especially the defense).....It just wasn't in the cards against the Pack....Really sucks to let that Super Bowl slip away and despite the team playing so poorly they still were close at the end.....Football is a funny game like that sometimes.....But really I don't complain too much about the game overall since I have seen the Steelers win two Lombardi's in my lifetime.....Really it would suck to be a Lions or Browns fan so that always brings me back to reality....lol
Seen all six in my lifetime and enjoyed the last 4 and don't remember the first two cause I was very young though. Can't complain either but the 80's was rough times to be a fan. As for the Packers beating us, the team was coming back till the Mendy fumble and that took all the air out of them and momentum they was gaining. To me that was the pivotal point in the whole game. Agreed both defense and offense didn't play to there potential and the defense couldn't stop Jordy Nelson for crap.