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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post

    he's not a third string QB. He will be second string at the begining of next year. Easily. Might be second string by the end of the preseason. As often as Ben goes down, if Jones gets taught well, we may actually have a chance to win a game now if and when Ben goes down. Very, very important.
    I dont see how all of a sudden this guy is a saviour, what makes him a better backup than Charlie Batch or Gradkowski?

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    because both of them are painful to watch at best..but give Charlie Props he at least wins...but he is getting close to 70

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    I had probably 10 others guys we could have grabbed in R4 this year................most unenjoyable drafts in a long time. Basically we gave up a rd round next year for this guy. Horrible!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nolrog View Post
    I didn't like this pick at all. There are far greater needs on the team than a 3rd string QB. So far, we drafted no depth on the OL, no LB depth, no TE. That pick would have been better spent on a bigger need that would help us next year.
    Obviously.. Foster, paulson, Legs, Woirlds, Foote, Johnson, woods, alamadamamnu and the other bench warmers are good to go... what do we know were just online football junkies.

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    Gradkowski isnt going anywhere. Bruce will be the immediate back-up. Landry will be the future...
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    We've lost possibly 4 games the last two years because we had in adequent back up QB's, and Landry Jones is a wasted pick?
    Some people can't see the forrest for the trees.
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