First off, if Amobi Okoye is available its a no brainer he's my number one pick. After saying that I don't think he will be. There are 14 teams picking ahead of us and I believe that Okoye goes in the top 10. There is not a more disruptive defensive player in this draft and then there is his upside. He wasn't just a disruptive force because of a scheme that the Cardinals ran. He was the standout defensive player in the whole senior bowl week including the game (2 sacks). So I am thinking he will be gone. If so I am looking to trade down to get value for my pick. I trade my 15th pick to another team who is 20th or lower in exchange for their 1st round spot plus their 2nd! Surely their would be takers (always is)! With my lower 1st round pick I am selecting Anthony Spencer DE/OLB from Purdue. The kid is good, he fits my system and has been projectd as a low 1st high 2nd round pick. I think we can all agree that this is our need and he is a good fit!

1. Anthony Spencer DE/OLB from Purdue (22nd pick from Dallas +54th pick)
2. Ben Grubbs OG from Auburn (2nd Rnd 47th pick)

Grubbs is a horse and scouting reports are good (Athletic. Great at pulling and trapping. (late-Round 1 or early-Round 2). With Grubbs adding depth at the guard position any position moves to shore up the center position can be made more easily! With 2 solid position players that address needs already in my bag, its time to go get me a RB. With the 54th pick (aquired from Dallas) I am looking Brian Leonard RB from Rutgers. He is one of those versatile blue collar guys who could play TB/FB and be a beast on special teams. Pittsburghers would fall in love with this guy!

2b. Brian Leonard RB from Rutgers (54th pick aquired from Dallas)
3. Tony Hunt RB from Penn State (79th pick)

Hunt has shown that he runs well going north/south with plenty of power. Good bye Verron Haynes, our new utility short yardage back is here! The last time we took a back from Penn State things worked out pretty well for us (Franco Harris). Taking 2 backs and dumping Haynes solidifies the position should somebody go down with an injury!

4. Eric Weddle DB from Utah (111th pick)

Here is the scouting line on Weddle: Consummate playmaker. Versatile. Tough. Instinctive. (Round 3 or 4) Sounds like a guy we could use! Special teams and dime packages, can never be too deep at DB!

Wow! What a draft so far in the 1st day! I don't believe any of these picks to be stretches.

Day 2: I would seriously draft a punter with the 5th pick and there are a couple good ones out there! Podlesh out of Maryland and Sepulveda out of Baylor. Either one would be a fine replacement for Gardocki! With my 6th pick I would look for a 3rd QB. Maybe Palko is still available here. With the 7th pick I am looking for a Wedge busting LB for special teams and I would round out the 2007 draft by selecting a place kicker to give Reed a little competition in spring training!

If our 2007 draft looked anything like this I would be happy going into next season with a pretty solid team! Comments?