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Thread: Who do you want in the second round?

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    Who do you want in the second round?

    Notable players available:

    - Eddie Lacy; Sort of a nobrainer really. They need a RB, and he might be the best healthy RB in the draft

    - Manti Te'o; I was honestly shocked to see him fall otu of the first round. He would be such a great addition to our defense imo.0

    - Kevin Minter; same story as Teo

    - Justin Hunter; I still think he has a chance to be the best WR in the draft. I would REALLY like the Steelers to make a move for him.

    - Keenan Allen; The draft is a strange thing. Before the combine, he was in the conversation top be picked in the top 5, yet now he is undrafted after the first round. Would be a good fit here.

    - Lattimore; Who knows... Maybe trade back and pick him up late in the second if noone falls? I have a feeling he might not make it out of the second round.

    Who would you like they pick in the second?
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