So, will the Steelers draft a punter in the 4th (who is useless), a LB who can't make a single roster in the NFL (Davis) or a TE who can't play (Spaeth)? It's time for this team to stop being clever with their draft picks and tone down their inappropriate arrogance re: the draft, as if they are so perfect in drafting. This just in: They aren't. They have been below average since Tomlin got there. Ozzie Newsome kicks their @sses. His philosophy is to not try to get too cute and simply take the safe picks that make sense. He eats Colbert's lunch in the draft. The Steelers better stop reading their press clips about how awesome they are and get serious. I hate when they try to get so cute and take surprising picks. It isn't cute or effective. Knock it off. They better get quality players who aren't reaches or the stadium will be half empty very soon. Then again, our own GM has this mindset.

"Quite honestly, I don't envision anyone coming in and being an impact in year one," Colbert said. "I never do because I think there is always a growing process that has to occur."