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Thread: Mocks have us Jarvis Jones

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    NFL draft favorite Jarvis "Dawg Bones" Jones is getting better footlong treatment than Jenna Jameson ... because TMZ has learned, Subway is giving him free sandwiches ... FOR LIFE!

    Jarvis -- a projected 1st-rounder in tomorrow's NFL Draft -- just signed a tasty 6-figure endorsement deal with Subway ... that included the elusive Subway Black Card, which can be used to purchase all the sandwiches the holder wants, and never expires.

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    You've got to be kidding... Subway? WTF

    Would the Steelers pass on Jarvis Jones because they believe in Worilds? I mean if they think he can be the guy this would be somewhat of a wasted pick. Or admittance that Worilds is not in the plans. God, I hope they could trade him for something at least?

    I almost hope Jarvis is gone just because it might be better to be forced into a need and draft Patterson, or Eifert. Get a RB in Rd 2.
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    I want Jarvis Jones first if he is there. I think we can get a WR in the later rounds.

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    Re: Mocks have us Jarvis Jones

    I really would love Patterson, Jones would make me happy too. Better yet a trade down to the 20s getting an extra pick and having patterson still be there would be amazing. But who am i kidding...Dreams are nice until you wake up... I feel like itll be the golden domer TE... as we pass on both or one of the other guys.

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    The web is saying Jones has been in contact with the Steelers more than any other team...

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    Yay, a 24 year old rookie who will rot on the bench for 2 years while LeBeau plays his vets.


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    I think that something is going to change if Jones is taken. I bet he starts.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post

    I think that something is going to change if Jones is taken. I bet he starts.
    He wont start, he will split plays is about it. Ben needs weapons, it isnt going to get done with.

    1. Injury Prone Sanders
    2. Brown
    3. Johnson
    4. Paulsen
    5. Rock hands
    6. Dwyer
    7. Redman.

    22nd in the league lastyear in points avg, and we lost our biggest threat on offense.

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    I bet he doesn't.

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    Can't blame the scoring rank on just the offense.

    When you don't force turnovers? Thus getting quick, cheap points? You don't have time to score 30 a game when they insist on running the ball and dink and dunk crap.

    Turned the modern day Terry Bradshaw into Trent Dilfer.
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