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    Cool K Train's Final Steeler mock

    Im so nervous for Thursday, I really do take this **** to heart. I would say the NFL draft for my beloved Steelers is my one biggest passion as far as hobbies go. I have had a lot of success with my final mock draft over the years. Not just in the first round with timmons, pouncey, heyward (and decastro as my dream pick) but also quite a few mid round picks like Sepulveda, Gibson, Brown, Adams, GIlbert, Dwyer, Taamu and a few others....but i must say this draft I lack a lot of the confidence ive had previously, not because i didnt put in the research but rather because they are SOOOO many ways they could go, players they could target, and holes they could fill all mixed together with being in a ridiculously awkward draft position...but here goes nothing:

    1. Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee
    Easily my favorite WR in the draft. His open field ability is the best weve seen since Reggie Bush. He is a strong player, runs angry, and has such ridiculous range not taking him at 17 would be a crime. He has over the top speed, and while his experience is limited hes a real redzone threat and will be able to run the 3 simplest of routes from day one....the go, the slant, and the screen. Wallace made 70 million on his go route, nate washington made about 30 million, holmes made 50 million on his slant route, and athletically patterson is superior to all of them. He runs like hes angry, makes cuts like hes small, and is no fun to tackle....the rawness will be overcome by getting the ball in his hands...its football, not engineering. Hes a bit of a body catcher, something that can be worked on but hes much to explosive of a talent to pass on at 17

    Other possibilites: Jarvis Jones, Star Lotuleilei, Barkevious Mingo, Dion Jordan, Tyler Eifert, Chance Warmack, Jonathan Cooper

    2. Johnathan Franklin, RB, UCLA
    This is really tough to project...if they plan on signing bradshaw i would much rather prefer lattimore in a round or two, but I think the sanders $2.5 mil might have taken bradshaw out of the picture (but maybe not) that being said Franklin is an immediate impact type player and is an excellent fit for the offense and could play the jamal charles-like role. Hes a fast riser in the draft and i think could be an exciting player as a rookie and would eliminate the need for Bradshaw because franklin and Dwyer could become a pretty solid duo, especially in an at least partially ZBS

    Other possibilities: Keenan Allen, Margus Hunt, DeAndre Hopkins, Justin Hunter, Manti Teo, Cornelius Washington, Matt Elam, Robert Woods, Khaseem Greene, David Amerson, Gio Bernard, Eddie Lacy, Arthur Brown

    3. Corey Lemonier, OLB, Auburn
    Another fast riser...could go anywhere from round 1-3...hes a highly athletic pass rusher and looks like an easy convert to OLB in a 34. Quietly a productive player that is being knocked for "quitting" last year along with the rest of the Auburn team and coaches. He would likely not start over Worilds but he definitely has more potential and could become a good rotational pass rusher. I imagine he would take chris carters roster spot but as much as i like carter as a player and how good of value he was in the 5th round, it doesnt look like he'll be able to hold up in the NFL. Reminds me of Justin Houston. If you wanna see him at his best, watch him in 2011 and see him do work against bama and trent richardson...Auburn was a horrible horrible team last season, thats whats hurting him the most. I also would love Honeybadger or Lattimore in this draft slot...just sayin

    Other possibilities: William Gholston, Terrence Williams, Markus Wheaten, Andre Ellington, Stedman Bailey, Gavin Escobar, Barrett Jones, Brian Schwenke, Jamie Collins, Marcus Lattimore, Matheui

    4. Shamarko Thomas, SS, Syracuse
    Shamarko is a tough player to project...he has 2nd round talent but is massively undersized. He is a ball hawk, a vicious hitter, and has excellent closing speed. Hes a fearless player (which at his size is scary, bob sanders and polamalu were too and have been ravaged by injuries) but he has been pretty durable and he just plays like hes out to kill someone. Hes just an explosive player and even though hes around 5-8 hes built like a tank without losing any flexibility, explosiveness, or speed (his straight line speed is tremendous for how built he is)

    5. Chase Thomas, OLB, Stanford
    I really am a big fan of thomas, he isnt the biggest, fastest, or strongest, but he can play good football. Decent in coverage, a decently good range of pass rushing moves, and he has the ability to play in the middle. Everyone wants to compare him to clay matthews, shea mccellin, connor barwin, paul kruger, or brooks reed because they are all white pass rushers...but the player i think he might compare to the best is Karlos Dansby. I think he can be a productive OLB, but hes also an intriguing MLB prospect at 6-4 ~250. Hes very football smart and can diagnose plays well enough to play in the middle, but he can also effectively set the edge and get after the QB.

    6. Will Davis, CB, Utah St
    Out of their pre draft visits I had a hard time deciding on a CB...i chose davis because i think they can wait the longest to get him without much drop off in play from Wreh-Wilson and BW Webb. He is a feisty CB but the most impressive attribute he has is his balance. He moves very smoothly and i think would be a steal in this slot

    6. Michael Mauti, MLB, Penn State
    Better prospect than Sean Lee and Dan connor were before he destroyed his knee again. He has shown a lot of progress in recovery, youd never know seeing him move that hes had two horrible knee injuries. Could be a big time steal late in the draft due to medical red flags, but if hes they caliber of playe Sean lee has been they did something right in taking a chance on him. Could at the very least be better than Sylvester

    7. Omarius Hines, WR/RB, Florida
    I just really like this kid. Listed at florida as a WR/RB/TE/HB/ATH....but at his pro day put up a good 40 and a RIDICULOUS 3 cone time. At like 6-0 he will likely have to be a slot WR for his skill set, but he has made some nice grabs for florida and the Tomlin-Florida connection continues. I really think he has a shot of being a good player even if he has to play all over. He kind of reminds me of a faster, more agile Michael Robinson...who was drafted as a WR by San Fran...moved to RB, then moved to FB, now he is the starting FB for Seattle. Robinson was a QB at Penn state, but many envisioned him as a WR at the next level but he finds a way to make an impact all over.

    Priority UDFAs:

    Kenny Tate, FS, Maryland
    Ray Ray Armstrong, SS, Miami
    Lawrence Okoye, Beast, Great Britain
    Robert Lester, FS, Alabama
    Joe Kruger, DE, Utah
    Sam Mcguffie, WR/KR, Rice

    Previous mocks:
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