here is a different look ... I wouldn't be to upset to get a backup QB on a 4yr contract ... we know they will be taking a QB some time in this draft , if the top one falls will they pull the trigger?

1 - Geno Smith , QB , WVU
Bills seem not to be sold at 8 , maybe the Jets now that they got an extra 1st from the Revis Deal ... But if they pass up on him , would the Steelers? ... Yes I know we have Big Ben , but I also know Big Ben will be hurt for a few games ... it would be an Asset to be able to have Smith come in for those games and the team still do well , that's the difference in making the playoffs last year was having a capable back up ... Smith is also used to throwing to Smaller WRs which is a big plus to me since that's what we have

2 - Khaseem Greene , ILB , Rutgers
not your prototypical buck but is good in coverage and at attacking , would be a good fit beside Timmons I think

3 - Stedman Bailey , WR , WVU
another WVU product , Geno Smith and Bailey were highschool teamates and went to the same college ... Geno is bringing him to the NFL draft I read , why not keep them on the same team in the Pros ... and the Steelers seem to be interested anyway

4 - Duke Williams , S , Nevada
I feel he is under rated and will be a good Safety , Can Cover and Hits Hard ... will need to get stronger but he won't be forced to start until later this year when injuries hit or next year when Clark is gone ...

5 - Will Davis , CB , Utah State
another good Press man Corner ... Cortez and Davis could be the Future

6 - Mallicah Goodman , DE , Clemson
Will he fall this far , don't know but if he does I expect him to be the pick ... good Dline Depth and Hood might not be back next year so here is his replacement

6 - Latavius Murray , RB , UCF
Le'Veon Bell sive with 4.3 Speed ... I think he could be a steal and end up being a very good RB

7 - That Olinemen they brought in from San Diego State , I forget his name but him