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Thread: Besides Patterson, what WRs do you like?

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    Besides Patterson, what WRs do you like?

    Its safe to say the by an over-whelming margin that C. Patterson is the fav WR this year. But lets say hes off the board for whatever reason. Who do you like after him?

    Mine are:
    Keenan, Hopkins, Woods and Hunter (in that order).

    Intrigued by:
    Tavon Austin and later on J. Boyce, b/c i think they could contribute right away as a slot and be asked to do multiple things.

    Later on:
    Swope and Justin Brown
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    Round 2
    Hopkins & Woods

    Round 3
    S. Bailey, Patton & Dobson

    Rounds 4-6
    J. Boyce & Tavarres King
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    I love Quinton Patton

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    Hunter, Hopkins, Wheaton, Swope............I really want the Steelers to get a bigger WR instead of always having a WR of smurfs......Yes we have Burress but he is 108 in football years......

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    In 6th round Omarius Hines

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    I like Da'Rick Rogers an awful lot, but doubtful Steelers would touch him.

    I'm not on the Cordarrelle Patterson wagon, though I'd be happy with him at 17. He is also the only WR I'd be truly happy with at 17. In the second round there are multiple options which I find very intriguing:

    Keenan Allen: He might not fall this far, but if he lasts longer than around 10th pick in the second round we should seriously consider moving up to get him. Would be a steal there. Sure, he ran a slow 40, but the guy makes plays consistently.

    DeAndre Hopkins: Same with Allen, he might not be there, but if he is I would love him in a Steelers uniform.

    Justin Hunter: exciting exciting player who I believe might end up being the best pro of all the WRs in this draft. He is blazing fast, runs pretty good routes and has nice hands. He will not be there when we pick in the second round, but I would be all for moving back in the first and picking him up IF the good passrushers are off the board.

    Quinton Patton: The kid wants it more than most. He just puts in on come gameday and makes big plays! I would not be against picking him in the second round, though he might be there when we pick in the third.

    I honestly have no idea for the late rounds, but those are the players I really think could come in a make a difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChucktownSteeler View Post
    In 6th round Omarius Hines

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