5. Emmanuel Sanders, WR. Will be penciled as a starter from day one regardless if a WR is drafted on not. With a long term contract on the line fans are gonna wanna see him stay healthy and hold onto the ball after catching it. With surprising speed ES could have a huge hand in Pittsburgh's success this year.

4. Steve McClendon, NT. With NT being the key stone of DL 3-4 Defense. Steve could potentially have a coming out party. Theres always been positive remarks about the kid which were solidified when he was granted a new contact from the club.

3. The Entire OL. The word potential only gets you so far... Foster is a capable starter but they are super thin with depth. Their health as a whole directly effects Ben's health and production.

2. Troy Polamalu, SS. After missing a lot of time lately, being on the wrong side of 30 and with a pretty big cap number. This year is vital for Troys Legacy in the 'burg.

1. Jason Worilds, OLB. The Harrison divorce is over and even if a OLB is taken high in the draft He will surely start week one. Not very many rookies have ever started week one in DL system.