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Thread: According to ESPN. Steelers should go Jones/Patterson/Eifert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison92 View Post
    The Jets have 2 picks in the first 15 picks. They need a play maker on the WR, and need an OLB (Jones). Them having 2 picks in the 1st round significantly changes the face of how the draft will shake up by the time the Steelers pick at 17. With Sanders in camp, they don't need at WR at 17, don't know if Jones will be available (Moore might be available), do they go safety (Elam or Vacarro) or do they go TE (not sold on that either), I think Cooper and Warmack will be gone. . .

    BPA notwithstanding, if available, considering team needs, I go with Vacarro or Elam. Clark is likely done after this year and Troy is winding down, so it's time to bring in some talented secondary youth. If you have a solid secondary, it makes it that much easier to bring the heat up front.
    I agree completely (that the Jets having 2 picks ahead of us has a significant impact on the the Steelers)

    I'd love to trade up in front of them and snag Patterson/Jordan/Mingo/Jones..... pay back for them snatching Revis from us. lol
    It's good to be back!

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    Steelers have no plans to trade up (if this is not a smokescreen):

    Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said today it is unlikely the team will move up in the first round of the National Football League draft because they have only eight draft picks and will need them to replace the players they've already lost in the offseason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeilPatrickBanana View Post
    I'd love to trade up in front of them and snag Patterson/Jordan/Mingo/Jones..... pay back for them snatching Revis from us. lol
    That was the draft we got Timmons. We did OK.

    We need to worry about what we need to do to improve and not worry about what the Jets or anyone else are doing.

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    i dont think theyve ever said they were going to actively pursue trading up...polamalu and holmes werent advertised as they planned on trading up for them. They also tried to move up for Unger a few years ago, but that was in the second round

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    Having a long TE like Gronk or Jimmy Whatshisname in NO is intriguing. Love to see what could add to Steeler O.

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