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Thread: James Harrison signs with Bengals

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    All these hurtful words are making me sad.. *******s! lololololl

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    Cant we all just get along, coul be Flame bashing Americans all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    Please Big T.

    You try to be big man on campus all the time and it's getting old. You obviously have issues with me and since I don't' know you then I'm going to have to assume it's some form of made up jealously you have in your mind.

    Because only woman get jealous. So go take some testosterone pills and become a man and stop acting like a woman. Gzzzz
    I have no issues with you because, as you stated, I don't know you. I do however take issue with some of the things you post because they can be so ridiculous at times. That wouldn't bother me much though, except for the fact that every time I reply to one of your posts, I get a response like this... A response that has nothing to do with football or the post I make. It's the Internet. We can all be tough guys on here with no repercussions. You are just as guilty of it as I am (though I'd say I don't really play the internet tough guy card often). I've agreed with you on certain ideas and we've clearly disagreed on a lot. If we agree, cool. If not, and you post something I believe is insane, I'll call it out (obviously lol). There's no "jealousy" or personal vendetta.

    Mmkay pumpkin? Are we BFFs now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnakeEyes43 View Post

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    As everyone expected, linebacker James Harrison is making a lot less money for the Cincinnati Bengals than he would have if he took a pay cut with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    How much less? According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Harrison signed a two-year deal with the Bengals worth a total of $4.45 million. That's less than what Harrison would have reportedly received in one year with the Steelers.

    There were reports that the Steelers asked Harrison to take a 30 percent pay cut, which would have made his salary $4.6 million this season. Harrison refused and was released by the Steelers. Now, he's with the Bengals and won't be able to make that amount of money in two years in Cincinnati.

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    Harrison is a dumb ***.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Stubborn pride. Nothing else.

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    True, Harrisons pride... But his agent isnt gonna win any agent of the year award either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Say it ain't so... I thought Harrison would be "obsessing" over his revenge... Remember he only wanted to play in the AFC North to get back at the Steelers because of how much he hates the organization. It had nothing to do with the Ravens and Bengals being the ONLY teams to show ANY interest.

    But hey, I'm not the one with the "laser beam insight"...
    You're right. You are not. Word is coming out of Bengal-land is that he is indeed pissed and can't wait to face the Steelers.

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