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    Here is my mock draft w/ 3 options per round.

    1st Round
    1) Johnathon Cooper G/ Chance Warmack (whomever drops to #17)
    2) Kenny Vacarro S Texas
    3) Tyler Eifert TE ND

    2nd Round
    1) DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson
    2) Robert Woods WR USC
    3) Stedman Bailey WR West Virginia

    3rd Round
    1) Jamie Collins OLB Southern Miss
    2) John Simon OLB Ohio St
    3) Shamarko Thomas SS Syracuse

    4th Round
    1) Le'Veon Bell RB Michigan St.
    2) Monte Ball RB Wisconsin
    3) Jonathan Franklin RB UCLA

    5th Round
    1) J.J. Wilcox SS Georgia Southern
    2) Josh Boyce WR TCU
    3) Tarvarres King WR Georgia

    6th Round
    1) Will Davis CB Utah St.
    2) Tharold Simon CB LSU
    3) Vince Williams ILB Florida St.

    6th Round Comp
    1) Michael Mauti ILB Penn St.
    2) Rontaz Miles FS California PA
    3) Dion Sims TE Michigan St.

    7th Round
    1) Marvin Burdette ILB UAB
    2) Jayson DiManche OLB Southern Illinois
    3) Ryan Griffin QB Tulane
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    why would you take collins or simon ahead of jones or even sio moore

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    Quote Originally Posted by connecticutsteel View Post
    why would you take collins or simon ahead of jones or even sio moore

    This mock draft is who I think the Steelers WILL draft not who I WANT them to draft. These selections are based on facts and probability.

    Of the 24 players in this mock, only 5 have not visited/met with the Steelers (Warmack, Eifert, Hopkins,V. Williams, DiManche). They didn't "officially meet w/ Bailey but met w/ their QB(Geno Smith) who we all know the Steelers aren't interested in selecting.

    In 2012 6 out of 9 draft choices met w/ the Steelers. Plus they signed A. Robinson as a UFA.
    (DD, Adams, Clemons,Paulson,Beachum,Fredrick, Robinson) all visited.

    In 2011 5 out of 7 draft choices met w/ the Steelers. Plus they signed C. Bryant & Saunders as a UFA
    (Gilbert,C. Allen, C. Brown, Heyward,Saunders, K. Williams, C. Bryant) all visited.

    The Steelers choose players that they have visited/met with either on their pro day, combine or visited PGH. 11 out of 16 draft picks the last 2 years.

    Here are the players they have met w/ this year. A bunch will be Steelers come draft day.

    Pittsburgh Steelers:
    Ezekiel Ansah, DL, BYU (COM)
    Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin (COM)
    Le'Veon Bell, RB, Michigan State (PRI)
    Josh Boyce, WR, TCU (PRI)
    Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee (PRO)
    Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State (PRI)
    Marvin Burdette, ILB, UAB (VINT)
    Anthony Capasso, WR, Ashland (PRO)
    Jamie Collins, LB, Southern Miss (PRI)
    Jonathan Cooper, OL, North Carolina (COM)
    Will Davis, DB, Utah State (PRI)
    Nick Embernete, OL, San Diego State (PRI)
    Johnathan Franklin, RB, UCLA (PRI)
    Malliciah Goodman, DL, Clemson (PRI)
    Khaseem Greene, LB, Rutgers (PRI)
    Ryan Griffin, QB, Tulane (PRI)
    Jordan Hill, DL, Penn State (COM)
    Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma (COM)
    Jarvis Jones, LB, Georgia (PRI)
    Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma (PRO)
    Michael Mauti%, LB, Penn State (PRO) (COM)
    Jonathan Meeks, DB, Clemson (PRI)
    Christine Michael, RB, Texas A&M (PRI)
    Keavon Milton, TE, Louisiana-Monroe (PRI)
    Sio Moore, LB, Connecticut (PRI)
    Alex Okafor, DL, Texas (PRO)
    John Simon, LB, Ohio State (PRI)
    Dion Sims, TE, Steelers (PRI)
    Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia (COM)
    Shamarko Thomas, DB, Syracuse (PRI)
    Phillip Thomas, DB, Fresno State (PRI)
    Kenny Vaccaro, DB, Texas (COM)
    Blidi Wreh-Wilson, DB, Connecticut (PRI)
    Duke Williams, DB, Nevada (PRI)
    Robert Woods, WR, USC (COM)
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    I would take any RB on that list!

    Not as many WRs as youd think. None of alot of peoples top cpl... Woods and Boyce being the highest.
    - Zachintosh66 (SCM 1135)

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    vaccaro has off field issues

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    horrible and idiot for wanting an o-lineman in round 1
    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Wallace sucks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Rahim Moore needs to be shot. Never seen such putrid safety play in my life.
    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Best thread in sometime and I agree....I rather eat **** and die then ever root for the Baltimore Ravens

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    vaccaro doesnt have off field issues.

    and cooper and warmack are top 5 players in the draft, it all depends who they pass on rather than who they take this draft but both guards would be welcomed additions

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    Keep these meetings in mind also.... not just scheduled meetings..

    Mathieu and Mingo participated in positional drills and both impressed throughout the afternoon. Afterward, they were also popular in interviews as well, with the Honey Badger spending extensive time with Tomlin and several of the other NFL assistant coaches on campus. Mathieu is expected to be drafted sometime on the second day of the draft and Mingo is a likely first-round pick. Head coach Les Miles added that he wouldn't be surprised if Mingo is the "first defensive player off the board."

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