View Poll Results: According to Walterfootball these are avail when Steelers pick. Which one should they take?

27. You may not vote on this poll
  • J. Jones

    11 40.74%
  • C. Warmack

    5 18.52%
  • J. Cooper

    3 11.11%
  • T. Eifert

    7 25.93%
  • M. Elam

    1 3.70%
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    Well I picked Eifert and here's why, and I am not saying he will be but has a GREAT chance, So here goes, If he can be as good as Jimmy Graham then I bet everyone on here would vote for him. And the way TE's are being used in this league, can you imagine him with Miller, ala Hernandez and Gronk.

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    I easily voted Jarvis Jones. I like Eifert but if the Steelers really are trying to pick him up, I seriously hope they trade down and pick him up near the end of the first. If by some chance they do trade down and Eifert gets snatched up right before they pick, I'd be just as happy with Elam at the end of the first as well.

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    I see the same highlights as all you guys are seeing and I am like man every sack is a free run at the QB. He just doesn't look that's strong. Just my take on J. Jones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg3835 View Post
    This poll is splitting the vote between Cooper and Warmack. I'm sure the Warmack voters would vote for Cooper and vice versa if only one was in the poll.
    North Carolina’s Jonathan Cooper (6-2, 310) started nine games at left guard in 2009, and over the next three seasons he started 37 games at left guard and one at center. Because of his athleticism and the fact he played at 290 pounds through most of last season, Cooper has drawn some comparisons to Dermontti Dawson and Randall McDaniel, and if he could stay at that weight his best position at the professional level might be at center, which was the exact position switch Dawson made. The one knock on Cooper is a shoulder that already has required some surgery, and his ability to play through the pain that shoulder figures to continue to cause for him moving forward.

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    If Jones is available, he has to be the guy. His straight line speed might be "slow", but he is football fast and makes plays.

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