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Thread: Interesting mock after Sanders loss- Trade up

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    No way.

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    Trade Down not up but I've completely changed my tune as I get away from wishful thinking and try to think What would The Steelers do? If Paterson is on The Board they will take him unless Austin is there(he wont be). If Paterson is gone the it will be Eifert unless Xavier Rhodes is on the board.
    Even if they get NE 3rd I'd think about trading back with Rams or Vikings for Another 3rd. However I'm starting to really want Paterson especially having a new Wr coach in Richard Mann. He can coach him up.
    Paterson & BAiley plus say Kelce TE, Then later in the draft grab Mark Harrison Wr Rutgers.

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    I don't want to see them trade up or down in the first (unless it is simply trading up 2 picks to leapfrog STL to grab Patterson. It will destroy me of STL takes Patterson 1 pick ahead of us). I would much rather them package the two third rounders for another second. A 1 and two 2's could certainly provide a much needed spark. Imagine Cordarrelle Patterson, Justin Hunter, and Elam/Lacy... Boner city. Even though all the players I mentioned are potential first round guys. But I can dream lol.

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