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Thread: Now we can plan on having to draft a NT

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrolled View Post
    When was the pic taken and in what state?
    The only state I could think of his ignorant state of mind.

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    you are just a little over the top on this. Theyve been retooling the defense for years,
    There is zero evidence that they have been "retooling the defense for years." Some guys had to retire of left as free agents so they were replaced. That, in itself, proves nothing about them "retooling." They are running the same system as they always have. The DL men don't make sacks, or even very many tackles. They eat up space, and the LBs do all the tackling and make the sacks. The only reason they haven't replaced Hampton with another Hampton is that they don't grow on trees. Hoke and McClendon were simply the best options available.
    and that number one ranking didnt help them achieve much in the W/L column,
    Oh, it didn't? Had they not had a solid D, they would have been about 5-11, not 8-8. The fact that this escapes your conscious is striking.

    so lets try to use our heads here. Hampton was terrible, he got washed out on so many plays and lost all of his explosion off the snap, but they got a solid rotation of guys in there. mccendon, woods, and hood all did just fine at NT. Jesus, look at the packages they put on the field sometimes
    So, you are saying our coaches are completely incompetent? Why else would they continue to put a "terrible" player on the field? You say Hampton was terrible yet he got more snaps than any other player at his position. So, our coaches must be morons.

    If like you know someone who was killed by a drunk driver thats cool and all, i feel for you, but taking the holier than thou route is just obnoxious...he made a mistake, a big one, but no one got hurt and he was taught a lesson. Seriously, it happens
    Yea, it was just a mistake. Nothing else. We all do similar things, like going on a rampage, trying to drive away from cops, with innocent people all over, bouncing off cars like a pin ball off of bumpers. Just a mistake. He could have splattered people into blood smears.

    Putting a safety in at NT, now your just being a **** head
    Well, you are acting as if an immovable object isn't needed to make this system successful at NT. Like, it's no big deal; we can just plug anyone in there.....and relive 1999 all over again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by connecticutsteel View Post
    True, Relax its an old photo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JollyRob68 View Post
    True, Relax its an old photo.
    OK, old pic but when was it tweeted? Lately?

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    When it was taken is irrelevant. It was a very poor decision to tweet a picture in a car with a bottle of liquor days after being sentenced for nearly making blood spatters while driving blotto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSteelers View Post
    The only state I could think of his ignorant state of mind.
    Well the trees are green... so its not up North right now...
    The trees look like midwestern type hardwoods.. so it would be a photo probably from last year.. im just saying...

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