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The general consensus is that everyone seems annoyed on how the young talent is allowed to leave. That is the common theme that everyone has in their post. At the end of the day, it comes down to the GM of this organization and his vision and execution.

I see no vision from Colbert and therefore, no execution. Well he better have both in two weeks.
The above says it all (not in a good way). In one thread, Colbert cannot draft anyone but bums. in another, he "allows" (apparently, football players are expected to be chattel) all of this "young talent" he never drafts to leave. You cannot have it both ways people.

And this has been the Steelers model since long before Colbert, in fact, since the salary cap started. It works great when you draft well because even though young talent leaves, it is replaced by even younger (and cheaper) talent. An NFL player's second contract is usually the largest because A) they are still young and in their prime and B) they have proven their worth on the field. There are just too many of these guys to sign them all.