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Thread: Most underrated, modern era Steelers

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    Aaron *bleeping* Smith, end of discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    His deal is he needs to stay clean and healthy. He's got the talent but every damn year we have to deal with it and hear him coming out saying I wasn't right etc etc etc... Time to shine Benny Boy!
    He's not going to change. I was watching clips from the recent past on my DVR last night (I keep some stuff on for like a year or so) and it was Tomlin telling Ben that he had to stop taking so many hits or he was going to bench him. Even under specific direction (they were up by 3 TDs) Ben says to him, "I can try coach, but I only know one way to play" and he shrugs his shoulders. I don't see him changing at all, which means he is going to have his usual mix bag of injuries. It would be nice to be able to enjoy a QB who doesn't get hurt, like Rogers, Mannings, Brady (yea, he had one blown knee but little else).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BubbyBlister View Post
    Louis Lipps and Meril Hodge! Those two made watching the games in the 80's tolerable.
    Bam...this ^

    Great contributors that had the unfortunate legacy of playing in the 80s on some bad Pittsburgh teams.

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    Diddo on Heath. Ryan Clark too, although he is getting his just do in the last couple years.

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    Can I get any kudos for The Colgate Kid, 24, Rich Erhenberg?

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    Aaron Smith, Heath Miller, James Farrior
    Bleeding Black and Gold since 86'

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