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Thread: who would you take at 17?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    Dion Jordan does have a wide array of pass rushing moves and is excellent in space....he deserves to be ranked higher. That being said i never really bought the top 5 hype on moore, but hes an excellent conversion candidate and has a lot of value at 17. He is a better prospect as a conversion OLB than Woodley was, and a lot of us wanted Anthony Spencer that year as well, Moore is ranked about there and definitely higher than courtney upshaw last year. The guy turns it on in the game...he was the first defensive end to lead his team in tackles in like 20 years or some crazy stat like that and that was playing base end. Not the freakish athlete like Jordan, Aldon, JPP....ect, but hes just a good all around football player
    He does offer a lot, and I never claimed that he should not be ranked higher, but ultimately I believe the other guys will get after the QB just as effective as him. That may not convert into them being as good pro prospects. Dion Jordan would be a world destroy in a system like the Steelers where we ask our OLBs to do a lot of different things (at least as of late). I don't see Moore being effective at dropping back into coverage at all. Jarvis Jones has not done a lot of it, but he has the speed and instinct to do so with the proper coaching (imo).

    Jones, Teo and Moore are all far superior to the blazing guys like Washington and Ogletree. They would all beat woodley and harrison in a foot race, 40 times for dlinemen and LBs can be impressive or disappointing but youd be surprised how little that translates to the pros. My only knock on moore is he can tend to be a LITTLE slow off the snap sometimes, but sometimes he also creates havoc play after play...

    No, this is are going off of combine numbers and nothing else..he is around Spencer as a prospect but is definitely better and a more productive player than guys lik Jerry Hughes, Cliff Avril, JASON
    The quoting system was a little weird there, so not sure if you addressed me. If so, I did only go by his combine numbers because that was the only number I could remember on top of my head and it was not important enough to look up. My point was that the 40 time is not essential when it comes to LBs. There are other and more important parameters to look at. Not saying that one should neglect them because obviously he has to be able to get to the QB, but we've seen a lot of fast OLBs not do anything as a pro.
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    i meant to type couldnt have said it better myself below that last quote

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