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Thread: K Train's 3 rounder w/ explanations

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    Trading Down and getting an additional 3rd would make sense if they want to snatch Lattimore for the future. They can then grab Brandon Williams( I have them trading with the Rams for their 3rd) or Stedman Bailey,Brian Schewenke plus Lattimore.
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    I don't get all the love for Vaccaro. In my unbias opinion, Elam is the better player.

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    45) San Diego Chargers – Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech

    Would love to see this guy at our second Patterson or not. Also I would not mind Hunter in the first at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg3835 View Post
    If Johnathon Cooper falls to pick 17, he will be the pick. They won't waste a first round pick on a WR who couldn't spell "CAT" if you spotted him the C & T.
    The last guy wh couldn't spell CAT if you spotted him the C & T won 4 Super Bowls for us.

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    You see Elam all the way down to our R2 pick? Not I

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    well its a damn good thing we'll have an extra 3rd round to play around with if we need to move around

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    Quote Originally Posted by polamalu43 View Post
    You see Elam all the way down to our R2 pick? Not I
    His shortness may drop him a bit in the second, plus if 4 or 5 qb's are taken at the top of the second he may drop too..

    I hope they have a QB shopping spree in the second. that will help us in the second and into the third round.

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    i think elam will drop because there is an abundance of safties that are bigger and size is a trait you look for but elam will fit like troy in some ways we will have a shot at him

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    I am still stuck on whether they would snatch a WR in first. There seems to be decent depth at DB and WR for rounds 2/3. I am wondering who will still be on the board at 17 and someone says "We never thought he would be there so we took the BPA."
    This draft has been harder than others for me to try and figure out. Hard to say if there will be more or fewer teams trying to change spots and trade up/down. I am going to sit back and watch all 3 days. I just hope we have a monster draft this year.

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