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But your original thesis was not whether a team will overlook character concerns (e.g. laziness) if they win. Your thesis was that great QB's have a great work ethic. Ben, at least at first, did not and still won. You have a tendency to change your argument whenever evidence to the contrary raises its ugly head.

And Ben was hardly a "franchise QB" year 1. You are engaging in revisionist history. Ben's first season was much more Trent Dilfer in 2000 than RGIII or Andrew Luck 2012. In fact, most of his praise from around the league was as a "game manager". He was protected by a strong running game and defense. Or weren't you around for that?
Ben wasn't allowed to throw much as rookie like RGIII and Luck but I do think you're taking away his importance to that 2004 team.......I highly doubt the 2004 Steelers would have been 15-1 with Tommy Maddox as the starting QB that season....Ben was allowed to throw in first half games to help build those leads then Cowher then just ran the ball to control the clock.......Ben throwing 17 TD passes with not even 300 pass attempts was impressive and really that was the right call with Ben that year since I don't think he was fully ready to take on a bigger load.....Sorry if I'm rambling but I just feel Ben still doesn't get enough credit for that 2004 season....