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Thread: K Train's Steeler Mock 3.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flame View Post
    K-Train, if you were the GM and you pulled this off, I'd give you a personal handjob on heinz field
    I'd cup your balls while he does this... Sick bastards!

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    Nice draft , but I'd still like either Cooper or Jones in the first. Overall you have hit many of the need areas and positions.

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    I like this draft but if the Steelers don't sign Bradshaw then I doubt they draft Lattimore......Unless Lattimore is ready to go medically.......They can't go into next season thinking Redman/Dwyer can get the job done.......

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    Re: K Train's Steeler Mock 3.0

    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    I seem to have different picks in every mock draft i do, but i really like this one a lot. I will do one more final mock before the draft.

    1. Cordarelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

    If he falls this far i believe he will be the pick. He is dynamic with the ball in his hand, will be a player that will get a lot of opportunities to score as a rookie. He is tall, but he doesnt run like some of the taller WRs weve seen....AJ, Julio, DHB, Britt, Nicks, Torrey Smith, Josh Gordon...ect. He runs more like hes percy harvin. His straight line speed is good, but his open field ability is unnatural for his size. Hes not the smartest guy, but we dont need a high SAT score..he made the jumo from JUCO to FBS very well. Hes a bit of a body catcher, something that can be worked on but hes much to explosive of a talent to pass on at 17.

    Others: Keenan Allen, Jon Cooper, Chance Warmack, Kenny Vaccaro, DeAndre Hopkins, Xavier Rhodes, Barkevious Mingo, Jarvis Jones, Justin Hunter, Tyler Eifert

    2. Matt Elam, S, Florida

    I absolutely love Matt Elam. His draft stock is very tough to gauge though. He is a safety with corner ability. He has shown the ability to man up on slot WRs from the safety position, which is something clark and troy have shown they cannot do. it would be an extreme luxury to have a safety that can easily play the NB slot, it will allow you to do a lot of things with the secondary that you cant do when you have to line Ike taylor up on Welker in the slot all day. He is very aggressive, a devastating hitting, and despite flying around the field...a very sound tackler. He creates turnovers and gets interceptions, but whats most impressive about him is his closing speed and timing/patience to separate the ball from the receiver....breaks up a lot of passes, not only by pure coverage but by laying a perfectly timed hit. Can play centerfield, can play the run, can play FS and SS....thers not much not to like about him other than hes a little short.

    Others: Shamarko Thomas, David Amerson, Robert Woods, Quinton Patton, Terrence Williams, Corey Lemonier, Jesse Williams, Margus Hunt, Alex Okafor, Zach Ertz, Gavin Escobar, Gio Bernard, Kevin minter, Manti Teo, Barrett Jones, John Jenkins

    3. Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina

    This is under the assumption they sign Bradshaw. Lattimore will NOT make it out of the 3rd round. Even if hes IRd as a rookie, I know specifically of about a dozen people here and a million fans around that would be like OMG WE HAVE NEEDZZZZ but RB is a need and this is a long term investment into a dynamic player and one that is seriously passionate about playing at the pro level and has me convinced he will do anything to make sure that happens. The injury was horrible, but hes progressed in a way that its hard not to have faith in him making a full recovery. Take no chances, IR him as a rookie and enter 2014 with an explosive, powerful, dynamic RB that this team has lacked for.....ever.

    others: Brandon Jenkins, Chase Thomas, Markus Wheaton, Jonathan Franklin, Tyler Bray, Dennard Robinson

    4. Brian Schwenke, C, Cal

    Here it is, the final piece to the oline that will ultimately move Pouncey to LG. Schwenke is a prototype zone blocking center. He reminds me of Ryan Kalil coming out of USC. Very smart, excellent all around player and can move people off the line. Not as stout as Alex Mack was coming out of cal, but a totally different kind of player. The move to LG for pouncey will take a lot off his delicate ankles. Schwenke can play in any scheme but he is so quick and agile that hes an ideal center for the steelers. The thing that separates him from Barrett Jones and Travis Frederick is his insane explosion off the snap

    5. Cornelius Washington, OLB Georgia

    I have heard that Washington feeds only on small children and dynamite. He is a horribly terrifying player to look at physically. I was scared watching him run the 40 in that he might not ever stop and end up causing many injuries and traffic accidents in Indianapolis once he busts through the walls of Lucas Oil Stadium. So why would a player that physically gigantic fall to the 5th round? Well his tape is pretty horrible. Switching defenses to a 34 was not kind to him and hes been horrific against the run, but he held his own against bama and showed improvement at the senior bowl. Killed the combine. 4.53 40, 36 reps with 34 inch arms is incredibly impressive, great broad jump and vertical...he needs some work, but hes got some tools that can be shaped into a great player if he wants to be.

    6. John Simon, OLB, Ohio State

    Ive called him a lock to be a steeler, and I do believe that he will be...its jsut a question of where. Hopefully its around here and not in the second because the more i watch him the less impressed I am...He is a very passionate player, but painfully slow off the snap and is not even close to being the pass rusher hes made out to be by some. Hes great against the run, but he is horribly inconsistent in space and doesnt looke like a 34 OLB at all when he wondering why anyone would consider him an conversion guy other than his height.

    6. Vince Williams, MLB, Florida State

    I have dropped Rontez Miles from my mock....had him as a lock for the steeler ink on his arm, but with the Elam pick i dont think its a need anymore and really hes just not that good. Vince Williams was in for a visit this week and he is a big downhill MLB. 6-1 250 and is a true thumper. I compare him (favorably) to Jasper Brinkley who was a mid round pick for the Vikings and has put up a pretty solid career for what he is....a downhill thumper. He has the size to take on guards and has shown some pretty decent instincts to make up for his lack of top end speed for the position (althought the 4.7ish speed is plenty for him). He had a good senior bowl and looks to fit the mold of a 2 down LB on the inside of a 34. I could see him replacing sylvester on ST and being replaced by spence on 3rd down. Not as productive as Brinkley, but a better player than Josh Bynes of Auburn who i liked in a similar role...could develop nicely

    7. Omarius Hines, Football Player, Florida

    I just really like this kid. Listed at florida as a WR/RB/TE/HB/ATH....but at his pro day put up a good 40 and a RIDICULOUS 3 cone time. At like 6-0 he will likely have to be a slot WR for his skill set, but he has made some nice grabs for florida and the Tomlin-Florida connection continues. I really think he has a shot of being a good player even if he has to play all over. He kind of reminds me of a faster, more agile Michael Robinson...who was drafted as a WR by San Fran...moved to RB, then moved to FB, now he is the starting FB for Seattle. Robinson was a QB at Penn state, but many envisioned him as a WR at the next level but he finds a way to make an impact all over.
    Nice draft, but I would take D. J. Swearinger in the second. I believe he could play corner or safety. Just a thought

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    K, I saw Kiper has the steelers taking Washington in the 2nd round of his new mock.....little high?

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    i wouldnt HATE it, but way high for his production

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    I like it, I like it a lot. Lattimore in the 3rd would be a STEAL. That kid is going to be dynamic.

    I also really like John Simon in the 6th. Football can be taught, but heart can not..and he has plenty of heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas_43 View Post
    K, I saw Kiper has the steelers taking Washington in the 2nd round of his new mock.....little high?
    Eifert #1 and Washington #2

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    Heres How I would like the draft to go:
    1) Kenny Vaccaro FS Texas
    2) Matt Elam SS Florida
    3) Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina
    4) John Simon OLB Ohio State
    5) Denard Robinson WR/ATH Michigan
    6) Joe Kruger DE Utah
    6) Michael Mauti ILB Penn State
    7) Ryan Griffin QB Tulane

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    Like your thinking Hunt....but we can not afford 2 safeties in the first 2 rounds. We need a WR in our first 3 picks too. I also have a hard time believing the Steelers can afford the risky pick of Lattimore. There are other options out there we need to look at instead.

    We need to look at the Draft as a 2 year plan. Next year we should see some nice compensatory picks for Wallace, Lewis and Mendenhall

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