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Thread: Another bum signed

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    Quote Originally Posted by ice cream glove View Post
    He would certainly know. How is it an NFL Super Star, in a town that worships football, has to resort to hooking up with ugly chicks. How is that even possible? I have seen the women of Pgh, there are some hot chicks. Plus, tons of chicks who love the Steelers. And Ben ends up with girls I wouldn't even hit on.
    Good question... I'd rather rub out then to hook up with some of those skanks!

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    Nobody wanted Sylvester, he didn't get a tender from the Steelers or looks from anyone else. This has to be his last shot to make the team and actually contribute. Even if he does make the final roster he'll still never see the field unless Foote goes down. ST'er at best which is decent at.

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    Its funny because his rookie year he got some attention and the talk was this guy would be an eventual starter. I still think he is a decent depth guy and can play special teams.

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