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Dude, how are you NOT worried about Lattimore's injury history? TWO major knee injuries in 2 years. I say, stay away. He is a heck of a runner when healthy, but chances are not good that he will be fully healthy very often.
its a risky investment, but taking him in the 3rd round isnt nearly as risky as taking hood in the first and hoping he can be a 5 tech. He is an absolutely dynamic talent and has shown that he is rehabbing brilliantly. It would be nice to have a dynamic runner, a real game changer, a guy that can really make a difference...not just a guys whos number is called when we run the ball hoping he can pick up some positive yards. Even if hes "ready" by the season or after the PUP period, dont take the chances and IR him and let him rehab and gain full confidence in his knee...its an investment, but hes seriously so talented that it would be like enting 2014 with an extra first round pick. Bradshaw and dwyer can handle 2013. Andrews says that surgery on athletic marvels like him and peterson is like performing surgery on a new born more than its like a guy that runs for living. Hes so incredibly talented and motivated that i believe in him, and i dont think its gonna take much for him to make others believers