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Thread: Steelers "ways" running on fumes only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrolled View Post
    Point is we are #1 on D so lets focus on offense in the draft first and if the D slides to 9th does it matter.?
    if we can control the clock more and score in the redzone easier..

    Two TE's, Plax, Sanders, Brown, Will Johnson, Dwyer, New #3 RB and the new #2 WR Draftee should be tough in the redzone.
    With #1 Eifert and Heath both playing maybe in October...

    #1 D playing a boat load of crappy teams. I think we need some solid picks on both sides of the ball and I wouldn't mind seeing the team trade back and grab an extra pick(s) in the process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlatsSteeler View Post
    Interesting post/view......Each and everyone of the Draft Classes from 2008 - 2012 have had high ratings from every Pundint and Talking Head (expert) avg grade B+.........Has anyone thought what happens to these Picks once they arrive in Latrobe/Pittsburgh.......I feel poor coaching-conditioning-line-up/playing time( rookies never see the field) is as much a factor if not more than a Kid being a Bust.......Somebody(sports writer) recently said as much and pointed his finger directly a Tomlin and his staff.......just sayin......
    Yes, you bring up good points (and some that really anger me). I am constantly reminded how long Pgh takes to get their younger players on the field. I am so sick of hearing how complex the D is, that it takes players 2-3 years to finally get on the field. Dick and Tomlin go way overboard with favoring their vets and making younger guys wait and wait and wait until they FINALLY get their chance. I don't think that works in today's NFL; you can't afford to develop players and by the time they are ready to play, you get 1 year out of them and then they are free agents (see Lewis).

    But all that being said, you don't see all that many players who leave Pgh and go onto produce elsewhere. What I am mostly referring to are players who don't cut it in Pgh but succeed on another team, meaning, they weren't good draft picks to begin with. I know Urbik has been a starter for the Bill's O line, but I don't know how good he is, really. Wallace and Keenan Lewis will be good players, but they were also pretty good in Pgh. They were not ones on the draft list that were considered bad draft picks; they were some of the few who were actually considered good. What other players, who Pgh drafted, did not do much in Pgh but went on to excel some where else? Not too many come to mind. Mike Vrabel comes to mind, but he was drafted long before the Tomlin regime. Cowher F'd up that situation, with allowing him to leave, not getting anything out of him, while the Pats made him a legit super start. Who else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlatsSteeler View Post
    I really thought DLB was gone this season.....Keith Butler must be livid by now.....DLB was a great DC for a long time but it's time to hang em up......oh and take Tomlin with
    I am so sick of this. And you watch: As more and more fans and media make mention of how long it takes for Pgh to get young defenders on the field, these guys will be even more determined to "do it their way" and stay doing the same old thing (i.e. making players wait forever until they get playing time). Watch Worilds bust out this season, only to be a free agent next year and go on to kick butt for some other team. All that time spent developing him and we end up getting just one season out of him. You simply can't operate that way in today's NFL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nolrog View Post
    I've long been a critic of Colbert and the drafting. He gets these accolades (sp?) for being this drafting master, but the results are far from that. The 2011 and 2012 drafts are still unknowns. They will play out in the next couple years. But the drafts that should be making up the core of this team, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, as a whole, are hardly anything to write home about.

    In 2006, 2008 and 2009 combined, there's 1 player left on the roster (Ziggy Hood and people are not all that enamoured with him). In 2007, we did get Timmons and Woodley, and that certainly makes it a great draft, but having 3 starters left at this point from those 4 drafts (5 total player including Spaeth and Gay) is just not a productive output.

    I'm also not thrilled with the constant high pick spending on the lines. Not that the lines didn't need help, but over the last 4 years, out of our top 8 picks, 6 have been on the line (OL/DL). It's not a surprise that our skill positions suck now. I think that was an over-reaction to the lack of attention he paid on those positions over the years. And now, as a result, we have another problem.
    Actually, if there applied just a little more balance to drafting OLmen from 2006-2010 they wouldn't have needed to all of a sudden load up on it now. Every year, since 2005, I eagerly awaited as I thought they'd be taking some OLmen in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, and each draft they kept blowing it off, and it drove me nuts. In some of those drafts they didn't go O-line until the 4th or 5th rounds, and the 2nd-3rd round picks were often completely wasted on punters and TEs. Or OLB who just sucked. And then the infamous quote by Tomlin, when asked why they didn't give Ben a little more help by addressing the O line, after the 2008 draft, and he said, "Oh, well, we can help Ben by getting him more weapons instead of drafting linemen." Really? How did that work out for you? How did that 2008 draft class work out, Mikey? It sucked. He arrogantly acted like that draft class was so awesome, and blowing off getting some decent O-linemen didn't matter. Buffoon.

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    Steelers "ways" running on fumes only.

    The original topic was very well written and no matter what anyone says, we will all have our own opinions and assumptions but not one knows what will happen until the end of this season whether we win the SB or miss the play-offs. The history of this team has been outstanding but maybe it's time to stop looking at the past and move on. Hope this season is smooth sailing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TarlsQtr View Post
    And how many times have we been outside of the top ten in the league in team defense over the last decade? Top five?

    It can be frustrating at times, but their system is about as successful as it gets. Sure, let's get big name free agents every year like the Redskins. I hear Albert Haynesworth is available.
    Yea, been a top D forever. Mostly yanked by yards. But that doesn't tell the whole story. Also, I didn't see anyone say that we needed to sign big name free agents in this thread. That is kind of a non sequitur any ways. The over all point was that the recent drafts have stunk and that this team takes to long to develop defensive players. I don't see how those points are related to signing big name free agents. They are not even in the same discussion, really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrolled View Post
    We need to draft WR,TE,RB which ever order 1st three picks are defense will right itself.
    Depending how the team feels about our current players at NT, LB, CB and OT, any of those could also be in the first three rounds as well. We just don't know how the team feels we are with Ta'amu, McClendon at NT, Gilbert and Adams at OT, our DBs with Ike (coming off broken ankle) and Allen (inexperienced) and Gay (only a slot CB and hopefully they know this). It's nearly impossible to predict who Pgh will draft. Just go back and look at the OP. Some of those picks are BEYOND head scratchers. I feel that they try to get too cute - try to prove how sneaky wise they are, instead of just taking the obvious picks like Balt. seems to do. In all honesty, I can out draft them by just following a few draft sources. And they pay millions for scouts to try to outsmart everyone. I think their arrogance is coming home to roost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg3835 View Post
    Seeing those draft picks of Colbert/Tomlin the last few years make me miss the Tom Donahue/Cowher years of the 90's when they were KILLING it in the draft. #sarcasm

    1994 Draft

    1) Charles Johnson WR
    2) Brenston Buckner DT
    3) Jason Gildon OLB

    1995 Draft

    1) Mark Bruener TE
    2) Kordell Stewart QB
    3) Brenden Stai OG

    1996 Draft

    1) Jamain Stephens OT
    3) Steven Conley LB
    3) John Whitman RB

    1997 Draft

    1) Chad Scott CB
    2) Will Blackwell WR
    3) Paul Wiggins OT

    The 90's Donahue/Cowher years were much worse. Plus I do miss all those home AFC championship games where the Steelers were double-digit favorites and choked. I guess the more time passes the more we forget.
    They chocked for 2 reasons: no franchise QB and scared head coaching. Cowher chocked more than anyone when it came to play off games. He thought he could just rush the ball and play D and that would be enough to win. It never was enough when it came to playing the good teams, and he was just clueless. Even when they won the AFC in 1995, they just BARELY beat a Colts team, missing so many of their key players (They were missing best RB in the league in Faulk, their best WR, their best LB, etc.) And Pgh barely beat them, showing you just how bad Cowher was in championship games. He coached scared.

    That being said, the Cowher/Donnahoe era did draft better than the current clowns. You left the following off your list of players drafted in the Cowher era.

    1 11 Leon Searcy T Miami (Fla.)
    2 38 Levon Kirkland LB Clemson
    3 67 Joel Steed NT Colorado
    7 179 Russ Campbell TE Kansas State
    7 188 Scottie Graham FB Ohio State
    8 203 Darren Perry FS Penn State

    1 23 Deon Figures CB Colorado
    2 44 Chad Brown ILB Colorado
    3 76 Andre Hastings WR Georgia
    4 108 Kevin Henry DE Mississippi State

    1 17 Charles Johnson WR Colorado
    2 50 Brentson Buckner DE Clemson
    3 88 Jason Gildon LB Oklahoma State
    3 91 Bam Morris RB Texas Tech
    4 122 Ta'ase Faumui DE Hawaii
    5 140 Myron Bell SAF Michigan State

    1 26 Alan Faneca G Louisiana State
    2 41 Jeremy Staat DE Arizona State
    3 66 Chris Conrad T Fresno State
    3 92 Hines Ward WR Georgia
    4 117 Deshea Townsend DB Alabama
    4 123 Carlos King RB North Carolina State
    5 137 Jason Simmons DB Arizona State
    6 178 Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala RB Utah

    1 30 Kendall Simmons G Auburn
    2 62 Antwaan Randle El WR Indiana
    3 94 Chris Hope DB Florida State
    4 128 Larry Foote ILB Michigan
    5 166 Verron Haynes RB Georgia
    6 202 Lee Mays WR Texas-El Paso
    7 212 LaVar Glover CB Cincinnati
    7 242 Brett Keisel DE Brigham Young

    Add in that they drafted Ben, Troy, Hampton, Ike, Heath Miller, and no way can you say that the BC/TD era didn't draft better than the current car full of clowns. No way. No how. Not even close. Tomlin has won with BC's players. Now that they are going away, we will see what we are left with. Unless they start kicking @ss, they are in trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TarlsQtr View Post
    Oh, come on. Their offense did much better in the post-season but to imply that their D had nothing to do with it is absurd.
    It was the Ravens defense who shut down Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, especially in the 2nd half. That is saying something. Who shuts out Brady in the AFCC game, in his house, in the 2nd half? It has never happened. But the Ravens D really whacked their O out in the 2nd half, completely. Also shut down the once-thriving 9ers O for most of the game until that mysterious power outage, but still came through in the clutch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeilPatrickBanana View Post
    add Linebacker : Woodley, Timmons, Worrilds, Carter, Spence... is a pretty young group. The only old timer is foote
    Did you really just put Carter on the list? And Spense might not ever play again. And Woodley and Timmon aren't old but not really young either.

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