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Thread: Colbert sees pass rusher in the draft???

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    I guess what has me fired up is they (ravens) built their team to beat the Steelers thus winning a SB, it took them a few years but they got it. Now is the perfect time for the Steelers to take back the division!

    Boldin being traded will still hurt as well as this team letting Mendy walk, yes Mendy, he was a fit in this new offense!
    I think Balt. looked around and realized they had no choice in trying to keep that team intact, and realized they had the perfect storm that led to a ring: Lewis announcing his retirement plans, coming from the best leader in the entire NFL. Say what you will, but he is/was. They are being wise in realizing they weren't going to return with the same group regardless of how badly they might have wanted. They lost 3 LBs, a Hall-of-fame safety and their best play maker on offense (Boldin) who was as responsible as ANYONE for getting that ring. But they have to start over, and not necessarily starting at the beginning. By adding Dumervil, they have some semblance of a chance to still make the play offs. They still got Ray Rice, Tory Smith, Flacco, etc. Do I think they are a legit contender? Not really. But they simply had no choice. I think what they are doing is wise. I think Pgh might have tried to squeeze the juice out of their team a year or two too long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrolled View Post
    I Get it... but that wasnt even close to my point..........
    Well, I am glad I missed your point then. :-)

    You did directly compare Worild's production to that of Harrison and Woodley last year though. That strongly implies you felt he was the superior player.

    Worilds isn't (yet), or at least has not proven to be. I am not confident but would love to see him light it up this season.

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