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Thread: Jarvis Jones or Cordarrelle Patterson

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    I want the best edge rusher we can get. There is depth at the WR position in this draft. Patterson's football IQ is the topic of conversation as often as his talents are. It's hard not to pause in the face of that.

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    Jones for me. We can get a WR in round 2, 3 or 4 of good quality.

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    I think both guys are risky picks for different reasons. I like Pattersons potential better than Jones so I would go with him but tbh there are WR's in the second round like Hopkins, Williams, Pattern, woods and Hunter who are just as good so I would wait till the second to get a wideout.

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    Jarvis Jones or Cordarrelle Patterson

    Patterson and Hunter won't be there when the Steelers pick in Round 2. They may not make it past the Patriots...

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    Jones, the WR position is deep.

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    i wouldnt be surprised at all if tavon austin went as the first WR, dude is a beast and a perfect fir for a team like the rams or panthers.

    Hes not a great fit here though

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    This would be a very difficult choice. I love Jones and he would address a glaring weakness on this team and that is the lack of a pass rush (and the subsequent forcing of turnovers). That said, I hate that this team refuses to start young defensive players. While Jones may be a good fit for the team, when would he start getting reps? 2014? 2015?

    While I'm not overly fond of taking a receiver in the first (I'd prefer they address defense and acquire a later WR), I would like to see Patterson's big play ability on this team and he would bring a toughness to the receiver position that this team hasn't had in a while.

    I would take Jones ahead of Patterson, but not by a whole lot.

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    Warmack or Cooper over Patterson or Jones

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    Really wouldnt be happy with Vaccaro. To me, he is a young version of Ryan Clark. Its not that he is a bad player, but he just does not excite me at all. I would much rather have Elam in the second.
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