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Terrible pick if they intend to keep Ben around. Receivers leaving, 2 average RBs under contract and Heath Miller is hurt.

In the 2nd round? Bad pick.

The only way it isn't for them is if Ben's leaving after 2013.

Connect the dots.

Ben due for a new contract.

Yinzer Gradkowski signed for 3 years as a backup.

And now tey are sniffing around 2nd round QBs.

Not hard to figure out why.
Let Ben go. His act is old and I am tired of this team catering to his ***. He has way too much power and he has obviously lost the hunger to play at a high level anymore. He will eventually go to Arizona to save his buddy's *** who will be on the hot seat by then. Time for the heir apparent in Pittsburgh. If Bray is there in the 2nd grab him and then say goodbye to Ben when his contract is up. Time to get young, healthy and hungry again.