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that one incident really has people thinking taamu is just the scum of the earth....hes not nor has he ever been a bad guy. He had a really bad night belligerently drunk. That doesnt mean he cant still play football and that doesnt mean its a recurring thing. He seemed remorseful and doesnt have a history of this
I have to disagree there. A 22 year old getting drunk and driving happens. Fleeing at high speed, hitting several cars, injuring a woman, and swerving towards uniformed police officers on foot so that they have to dive out of the way is another. "Scum of the earth" may be a little extreme but his actions were a lot worse than some we have been outraged towards if the player was on another team, like the Bengals.

In fact, the defense sounds a lot like Rams fans who originally defended Leonard Little. I am not saying Taamu would do it again (I do not know), but just that the defense sounds familiar.