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Home Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Buffalo, Miami, Chicago, Detroit,
Away Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, New England, N.Y. Jets, Green Bay,
Minnesota, Oakland

You show me where we are going to win 6 games? I will give you a split with Cleveland, NYJ , Vikings, and the Lions. Other than that we may squeak out one more game. As things stand now I really see us going 5-11. Way too many holes that will have to be filled by rookies. I honestly hope that I am wrong, I am usually optimistic as I predicted 12-4 last year. But this years team will NOT be as good as last years. And of course we will have to endure another year of Tomlins poor play calling and zero timeouts in the last 8 minutes of every game.
Let's not be so melodramatic...we do NOT have "way too many holes that will have to be filled by rookies"... We have capable starters on the roster at every position outside of RB, one receiver, and ROLB. Depth is the issue with this team. We don't have the future guy at positions like FS, SS, Buck LB, etc... but we have capable starters there at the very least for one more year. And there's a possibility they might sign someone like Bradshaw to temporarily fill the hole at RB.

This team beat Baltimore, in Baltimore, with Charlie Batch, No Mendenhall, and no help from Wallace so lets not try to say the loss of those guys makes such a difference for that game specifically. And let's not forget that at the moment, the Ravens are a much, MUCH worse team than they were last year. Talk about holes that need to be filled... Go check out that team in Baltimore.

With a healthy Ben this team has a shot in any game.