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Thread: Sanders Signs Offer with Pats

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    Quote Originally Posted by TarlsQtr View Post
    I may agree with you if we did not have as many holes to fill as the Bills and a lot of mock drafts have Patterson going to us or behind us (down as far as 22). Drafting is as much about value as it is "the best player." We need 2 WRs (and a bunch of other positions) in this draft and as good as Patterson is, he is only one guy. Take the chance he is there and if not, trade back for Allen, Woods, Hopkins, etc.
    we don't have as many holes to fill... our needs are completely blown out of proportion on this board. the hysteria is entertaining

    we've been grooming Harrison's replacement for 3 years. And we have another guy developing behind him
    we've got Lewis' replacement ready to go
    our oline is intact

    their is no greater need than WR now... it's not even remotely close.

    We have a chance to trade up for the stud... the julio jones... or we can wait around and get value like Jon Baldwin later in the 1st, or Titus Young in the 2nd.

    Now you can laugh at the comparison I just made... tell me all about how Jones and Patterson aren't similar (true), or how Jones was more proven (true)... but that doesn't change the fact that Patterson has skills that put him on a different level than the rest of the class. Patterson has "gamechanger" skills... none of the other WRs in this draft do. There are a lot of good 1st/2nd round talents... im a big fan of Hopkins to tell the truth. But NONE of them are in the same ballpark as patterson.

    there is no other position that we need immediate help at.

    i dont want to sit around and "hope" that a super star falls in our lap... i want to go get that star. I wont be satisfied with the runner up
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