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Thread: The Future is now. Sign These FA

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    The Future is now. Sign These FA

    Heres my thoughts and I'm jumping in the deep end.

    The Steelers need to bring in for Saturday Elvis Dumervil, Darius Heyward Bey & Michael Huff and Sign them now. Elvis replaces james, Darius replaces Wallace & Huff can replace Ike Taylor or Ryan Clark.
    Cut Ike Taylor & Ryan Clark and use that money to sign them. If Sanders leaves enjoy the 3rd round pick.
    But get it done now. Not as a reaction to New England talking to Sanders but as a chance to add Legit replacements to the team while replacing aging Vets.
    Denver messed up with Dumervil so take advantage.
    The Future is Now and the Steelers have a chance to stay in the hunt with Legit upgrades.

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    I would prefer the Steelers build their team through the draft and let the young guys play. I don't mind 2 or 3 down years to build a dominate team for many years.

    EDIT: I'm just not sure if Ben will be around to see that happen.
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    Makes WAY to much sense for us to do it....

    Also, if we cut Ike/Clark I don't think that we would get the full cap relief until June 1. Dumervil is going to cost a bit. I am going to go out on a limb, and bet that NE offers him 6-7 million this year.

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    Dumervil will get huge dollars. He AGREED to an $8 MILLION paycut.

    Only a SNAFU got him waived.

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    And where is all this cap space going to appear from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash View Post
    Dumervil will get huge dollars. He AGREED to an $8 MILLION paycut.

    Only a SNAFU got him waived.
    $4 mil pay cut. $12 mil to $8 mil.

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    I agree with signing Huff maybe even Heyward-Bey but why cut Ike and Clark? Hell since Clark signed his contract he has actually gotten better and Ike still locks down other teams #1. As far as a pass rusher I think the Harrison release will make Woodley be dominate again because theres no one he can fall back on, plus we'll have to find one in the draft because anybody else will command too much money.
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    With what money? We cant sign big name players because they demand big time money. Id rather clark and ike stay. The team keeps resigning bums and throwin money at bums like colon then gotta get rid of them and eat dead money

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    I hate when Arm-chair GM's think that signing a bunch of soon to be overpaid FA's is the answer to our problems. Especially when we have absolutely 0 cap space to make these moves

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