Just say I love a trade back scenario , to gain extra picks , even maybe extra picks next year as well... But trades are impossible to predict

I also don't think the team will go OLB like many fans think ... They have Worilds and Chris Carter ... When Joey Porter left nobody knew Harrison would of been what he ended up being ... Worilds and Carter(if healthy) deserve a chance before go off drafting a guy in the 1st round

Lets say with all those extra picks , the 49ers want to jump up and grab somebody(maybe trufant?) #31 , #74 , #93 is almost perfect value

#31 - DeAndre Hopkins - WR - Clemson - Maybe not the fastest , but he's a crisp route runner , and sure hands and play making abaility after he catches the ball

#48 - David Amerson - FS/CB - NC State - Can play CB if needed in a crunch , Will be groomed to be a play making FS , Also I love him covering these bigger TEs , if you want to design packages where he just follows those guys around ... Needs to get more physical though

#74 - Robert Alford - CB - Southeast . Lou - Losing Lewis , brings this up , and he's a return man too ... I've been mocking him since early in the year and he's shooting up boards with his post season

#79 - Aaron Dobson - WR - Marshal - Another WR? ... yes a bigger Target who is more then a red zone target , let him come in and learn from Plax ... Give Ben some Weapons nowwwwww

#93 - Brian Schwenke - C - California - Move Pouncey to guard , I seen guys talking about this on here and I like this Idea

#112 - Kenjon Barnder - RB - Oregon - Another guy I've been mocking since early , I think he fits what Haley wants to do perfectly , and is Rainey without the character issues and fumble probles

#143 - Kevin Reddick - ILB - North Carolina - He Fits perfect beside Timmons I think , him and Timmons attacking the middle of the defense would help the outside pass rush greatly

6th - Rontez Miles - S - Cal PA - Did you see the combine? , that's why ... and could bring some Special teams value

7th - Joe Kruger - DE - Utah - Some Depth on the Dline

7th(Gay Comp Pick) - Quanterus Smith - OLB - Western Kentucky - You want to take a OLB do so here in the later rounds , and one with big potential , and if he doesn't turn out , then who cares

Yes I know it doesn't fill the TE need ... and you could easily swap out Aaron Dobson with a TE ... But I just like the idea of having Hopkins , Dobson , Brown in the slot in the future ... I would let Sanders go or hopefully somebody takes him for a 3rd round tender

But ok Not too realistic because trades are impossible to predict , but oh well , that's something I would like to see