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The accelerated cap hit will be this year and next year if the cut is after June 1. 3.225 this year and next year for Colon, if the cut is designated after June 1.

That part I'm sure of.

The question was whether the release they just made (designated for after June 1 as allowed), would realize the cap savings immediately (if it wasn't why would they allow release for future designation?)

My understanding after some research today, is that the full savings is realized immediately and there is 3.225 in dead cap space this year and next year for Colon.

His salary has nothing to do with it. Only the previously guaranteed money gets accelerated because it was yet to be amortized into the cap.
According to Jerry Micco, they do not realize the savings until after June 1st. Of course, I know of a lot of sportswriters who do not get the cap details right either.