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i know you are a big fan of Wallace (I am to... to an extent)

But after he signs the contract today, I hope all of Steeler nation recognizes how we made the right move in letting him go.

he's going to get into the 13 per range... and the guaranteed money is going to be bonkers... like 30 million guaranteed.

i'll crap my pants if we get steven jackson... that would be so awesome.
i think they made the right move at the end considering i think they made all the wrong moves the last 2 years. Him walking for nothing is a travesty, but him getting more money than bowe is mind blowing. Hes a productive, young WR, but hes off his rocker on his value to a team. If he ran routes like santonio did, then yeah...hed be unstoppable, but hes never gonna be a complete WR if he (and his team) only treats him like the fastest guy ever