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Thread: cameron heyward = waste of a pick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowned View Post
    Waste? He's better than Ziggy Hood.
    Then why doesn't he play over Hood?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevelandsux View Post
    the verdict on woirlds, heyward and hood are still out. these guys havent been given much of a chance.
    Hood has been the starter. Worlids is coming to the end of his rookie contract and Cam is going into his 3rd year. The fact that thhe jury is out on these guys speaks volumes (though, Hood is the starter, we know by now.)

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    heyward should play over hood...hes a much better player when it comes to stacking and shedding blockers. Hood just gets wiped out.

    I look forward to seeing heyward play, its time they give him much more playing time

    worilds is the second worst player on the defense now that harrison was cut, next to hood

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChucktownSteeler View Post
    Tomlin is a bust.

    Yes, Yes and hell Yes. Anyone who thought this team wasn't gonna go to **** once Cowher's team aged should have their head examined. Tomlin will do nothing to pull this team out of the weeds. I fully expect this team to have 3 straight 8-8 or worse seasons before we fire Tomlin and offer 5 million a year to Cowher to come back and fix what this ******* destroyed.

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