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Thread: K Train's Steeler Mock 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    K-Train, Patterson is a project. He doesn't run good routes and he has trouble with the jam. As much as we talked about route running with Brown and Wallace, I don't think Patterson is that great.

    I've seen three mock drafts and all of them have the Ravens taking Justin Hunter with the 32nd pick.

    Hunter is the big, sure handed WR that we need to compliment the Brown and Sanders.
    theres very few players that i wouldnt consider projects.

    Patterson is definitely a project, but his upside is unreal. He is a guy that is going to get points on the board as a rookie. Hes percy harvin in Josh Gordans body...ive watched a lot of him the last week especially and thats the only way i can really describe him physically. Unreal cuts and shiftiness for a guy that big....kind of after the catch ability that guys like DHB, gordon, mike wallace, and torrey smith just didnt even come close to having with their size/speed.

    I like hunter too, hes a great athlete, but hes also unpolished and lacks concentration sometimes and has been known to take plays off. Hunter may be the better pro i think, which is why im not opposed to him even at 17 but definitely as a second round pick, but theres a chance of patterson being a top 5 caliber guy so you roll the dice on him if hes there.

    I really liked josh gordon last year, he came on strong for the browns in the second half of the season after not playing for 2 years, patterson is a juco was Steve Smith, Chad Johnson, deion branch, and javon walker. We talking guys that quickly made the jump from JUCO to be productive FBS players and ultimately high-ish draft picks and very polished players. If they can make the transition from JUCO to D-1 i think thats the biggest hurdle where most players fail, Patterson and the guys listed above make that transition smoothly and seem to be easier to refine players than guys like sweed, malcolm kelly, and dwayne jarrett who were so used to being men among boys in college that the pros were too much for them

    Id say his floor is Braylon Edwards, but his ceiling is ridiculous
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