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don't see much difference with pick 17 and pick 31 with eddie lacy. at the end of the day if he's selected he's selected, goes with every prospect considered for the first round.

we don't desperately need a wide receiver because we have sanders and browns. while nobody is happy with these two, a first round isn't needed.

if menendehall leaves town, that leaves us with dwyer and redman, so its obviously a position of need.

OLB we could have woodley and worilds. both 2nd round picks.

I can only see us taking safety or running back at 17.

my picks would be lacy or vacarro unless someone like bingo falls.
The Difference is picking up that extra pick or two adds to the overall value. Lacy or any RB in this draft, IMHO isnt worth the 17th overall, nor is any TE. I say we DO desparately need a WR and if Patterson is there at 17 (and assuming Jones, Mingo, Ansah, Jordan etc. are all gone) thats the best value pick in my lil scenerio.