Some may like it, some won't LOL

Round One: Eddie Lacy

A reach? Maybe but by the time his career is done = bargain.

I do think about Andre Ellington and Montree Ball but Lacy fills serious need and won't be like a Mendenhall.

Round Two: Jonathan Cyprien

I'm telling you, this guy's the **** and I love how well-rounded he is, he's not just a box safety and would be suitable to replace Clark

Round Three: Cobi Hamilton

Roethlisberger gets a big bodied receiver, a target in the redzone and can start alongside Antonio Brown.

Round Four: TJ McDonald

The Steelers grab their second safety of the draft, filling up two needs

Round Five: Travis Kelce

We don't know when Heath's back, so it's necessary to just draft a fill in

Round Six: Nico Johnson

Probably won't fall out of the first five rounds but he's insurance to F00te and Timmons.

Round Seven: A defensive end

Won't pretend to know most of the prospects, this dude won't even start or be relevant in 3 years time LOL