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Thread: Manti Te'o 2nd round

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    Manti Te'o 2nd round

    I know he sucked at the combine but do we take a chance if he is on the board with our second pick?

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    He looks emasculated, not uncommon in the American male.

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    I think he is worth a shot in the 2nd but depends what else is out there when we pick. It would be hard to pass on Lacey if he is still there. That said and even though he sucked at the combine I think some team is still going to jump the gun and take Te'o in the 1st rd.

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    Naaa....if he didn't play for Notre Dame he'd be a 4th round pick.

    He's not that good.

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    He is a good player and will be good in the NFL but he is not a superstar and never will be. He reminds me of Paul Posluszny a good player but not a superstar like many thought he would be.

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    I'll go with that analogy. But I don't want the additional baggage that Posluszny doesn't have. I'll pass.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    no no no.

    Definitely not.
    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Wallace sucks.
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    Rahim Moore needs to be shot. Never seen such putrid safety play in my life.
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    Best thread in sometime and I agree....I rather eat **** and die then ever root for the Baltimore Ravens

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    Re: Manti Te'o 2nd round

    Yes, I absolutely would. His 40 time was the only problem. His cones and shuttle times when good.

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    Safety or OLB, can wait a round or two for an ILB.
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    Depends on who the first round pick is. We need a lot of offensive help so I expect the draft to be focussed on that side, with one defensive playmaker selected early. I don't see that as T'eo.

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