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Fisher, to me, is a more polished Nate Solder. He is still "high" out of his stance, and I think strong, bull rushers will give him serious problems at the next level (see Washington completely owning the **** of him at the senior bowl)

Lane, is definitely less refined in his technique... but he's strong at the point of attack, and his athleticism/recovery is elite. He has the rare combination to be able to anchor against strength and shadow speed. When he refines his technique, his punch is going to be a devastating tool to go along with his elite agility/speed/athleticism.

This board needs more K Train's
i thought about nate solder, but solder was really unique...they only prospect he really compared to physically was bruce campbell and despite solder being so raw, he wasnt even in the same universe of rawness as campbell

you love washington lol, hes really not a good player...i cant use him getting the better of fisher as a jumping off point as the senior bowl isnt really a great tool for measuring the players we know about as it is about hearing about complete unknowns for the first time....i dont think washington is a good enough player to get the better of most NFL tackles, and im confident in fishers ability to handle that kind of a player...a few plays in alabama isnt a great measuring point for fisher (the known player) as it is for washington (the unknown player)

i did see what you are talking about though, he took his lunch money...i just take it with a grain of salt. Im going to watch more of Lane now and see if i know what the hell im talking about from what i have seen (which is quite a bit, but theres more out there), but im asking you honestly how do you think he stacks up against Trent Williams? Trent was a 4.8 guy and a great athlete, but imo a little soft. Id like to hear your breakdown of how they compare being the most recent former sooners