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BAsed on some mocks after the combine some have the following people on the board.

After the combine I feel we need playmakers on Offense and based on what was whispered to Jim Wexell(No March Massacre of healthy starters) most Long in the tooth vets will be back. I feel in rounds 2-6 they can get a future Safety,LB,TE,RB.
RD 1 Cooper to complete the line or Austin as your playmaker who should excel in the new zone scheme & passing game. I'm thinking RAndle El with Willie Parker Speed.
If both are gone I want Eifert! Playmaker.
Eifert.... Miller is down for a month or two, when he gets back we have a TE tandem... Ben would have fun.

LB in RD 2

Schwenke or Barrett Jones in the 3rd.

Ellington in the 4th

Whatever you need the rest of the picks.