Who is the guy that you just would make your voice heard in the war room? We've gotten a couple of my guys over the last few years, not just in the first round but later on as they slide. Guys like Thad Gibson and Dan Sepulveda were my dudes that year, neither were glorious players but had potential off the charts. Guys int he first round i clamored for were Pouncey and Roethlisberger. Mike Adams was another guy last year.

This year its Marcus Lattimore. I dont care if he cant play this year, in fact id prefer him not playing....next year you enter the season with a new first round pick and one that youve had on the shelf returning to his beastly self.

Its like any investment, you gotta play it smart to get your return....and that return doesnt have to be immediate. The dude is an amazing talent.

Also, jarvis jones too :-)

apparently im a sucker for medical issues this year

Few other names if they start to slide:

Jordan Reed
Ryan Swope
Brandon Jenkins