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Thread: Who would you pound your fists for in the war room?

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    I would love to get Honey Badger , ... I really believe him in his interviews and believe he changed ... and I'm not usually a fan of drafting a guy of his size , but man this guy plays with a toughness and also just has a nack of making a play , weather it's in the return game or defense ... the defense needs a guy that can get the ball back ... I want either Mathineu or Amerson in the 2nd

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    i like him, he really is a turnover producing machine and an excellent all around special teamer.

    He was one of the best players in the NATION as a sophomore....all this workout stuff for him is easy, doing what he does in shorts. He does have some real concerns in his size, strength, and character though. I like him best as a NB or little tiny FS. Not sure hed find a home here though, but i wouldnt complain. Id still prefer Elam as that NB/FS hybrid

    Amerson is my guy though....he was almost a top 5 LOCK after his amazing 2011....but damn hes got everything you look for in a CB->safety conversion.

    Excellent size, speed, range, hitting ability, and off the chart ball skills. I do think he could play corner in our defense, just like i thought aaron williams, malcolm jenkins, and most conversion guys could. But he really does play very well with the ball in front of him

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    The two guys in the first I really want are star lotulelei and ziggy Ansah. These are two guys who will dominate at the next level. Ansah may take a little longer but he will be a beast.

    Last year we lacked pressure and these guys will help with that. Ansah in particular can be lined up as an olb or at the 5-tech creating mismatches. In the nickel and dime Lebeau could have so much fun with this guy, I'd love to see him in a steelers uniform.

    The other guy I like us Terrence Williams, he would add a different dimension to our passing attack and will be a better receiver than Wallace.

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