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Thread: Zachintosh66's Mock 1.0

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    Me too. It's a quality mock.

    We need that edge rusher, we need Eddie Lacy, and we do need someone who can run routes and catch the ball.

    Landry Jones is an interesting suggestion as a QB prospect; I've heard him mentioned in connection with our needs. Before the Senior bowl, I was thinking that Ryan Nassib could be a good choice... not so sure as of tonight.

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    I am going to give my 2 options per round

    R1 - Jordan or Vaccaro
    R2 - Elam or Reid or best WR on the board (depends on R1)
    R3 - Ball or Bernard
    R4 - K Alonso or Gillisee
    R5 - Swoupe or N Johnson
    R6 - C Micheal or M Anthony
    R7 - Some OL prospects

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    Not sure Swope will be there in the fifth. He is probably gone by the end of the third.

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